Road Rankings

Road Racing Points

  • Upgrades & Downgrades

    A4 to A3 = 13 points

    A4 riders carry their points forward each year

    A3 to A2 = 15 points

    A3 rider’s points are halved upon renewal

    A2 to A1 = 20 points

    A2 rider’s points are halved upon renewal

    A1 rider’s points are zeroed each year

    JR (A3) to JR (A2) = 45 points for first year Juniors and 30 points for second year Juniors

    JR (A4) to JR (A3) = 13 points

    If an A1 or A2 rider has failed to score 6 points in a previous season they may apply for a downgrade with 5 points on their licence.

    Please see the Grading section of the Technical Rules for further details.